1/the activity

The Blob Jumps is a huge air tank put in the water

The Blobber: placed at the extremity of the Blob, is the one who is guaranteed to experience a lot of new sensations.

The Jumper: he is the one who will jump at the other extremity of the Blob to catapult the Blopper a few meters in the air

The Blob Jumping is the perfect mix of sun, fun and water! It’s the latest trendy sensation sport, in the lineage of jet skis, banana boats and parasailing.

The principle is simple: a maximum of sensation in a minimum of space!

2/the origins of the Blob

The discovery of the concept of the Blob that will later gave birth to the Blob Jumping, started with the huge rubber tanks use by the U.S army to transport their fuel. One of the soldier discovered the “Blob effect” while he was having fun on it with his company. At the start of 2008/09, the Blob Jumping quickly became an inescapable activity, and the phenomenon is still growing up…